Dunedin Fishing Charters

a large snook caught in dunedin florida

Dunedin, Florida is an awesome inshore coastal fishery located in between Clear Water and Palm Harbor. From this launch, location anglers have the opportunity to fish backcountry waterways, expansive grass flats, and even on the ocean side along the beaches. The inshore area between Dunedin Channel and Hurricane Pass is truly an inshore fisherman’s dream destination. Fishing the expansive grass flats, deep water channels, the backcountry, and even along the many spoil islands offers you a truly diverse area to target all of Florida’s favorite shallow water species. These include the big four: snook, redfish, tarpon, and sea trout – but this area also harbors other species such as flounder, black drum, sheepshead, and even cobia.

From an exploratorary stand point, this area offers visitors the chance to see some amazing ecology at work withing this protected estuary. Working the areas along the Caladesi Island State Park or Sand Keys wil not only provide awesome fishing oppurtunities, but this will also really immerse you in the scnenery and wildlife that inhabit the area. A fishing trip into Dunedin is a great choice for both the pro angler and for famailies looking to make a day of it together on the water.

Fishing Info & Rates

Southern Sportsmen Outdoors offers competitive pricing for our Dunedin fishing charter offerings. See current rates (including info for half, 3/4, and full day trips) and details (what to bring, what to expect, etc) at the link below.

Dunedin Tarpon Fishing

Dunedin is also a great place to fish the major Tarpon run that happens seasonally here in Florida, as well as offering anglers the ability to target its resident Tarpon throughout most of the year.

Dunedin Fishing

Dunedin is a fishery that is open all year round. It houses resdient species that will allow you take a productive fishing trip any time of the year. The number one species for year round activity here is the redfish. This area houses a very healthy population of slot and over slot redfish and are alocal favorite. Close behind red’s is the sea trout fishing. Available all year also, this species is another on the Dunedin target list.

When fishing in the summertime specifically, area snook fishing really takes off. This location is a great summer snook fishing hotspot. Again, looking in the summer months, this will be the best time to target cobia here as well. This usually starts around April as cobia begin working this specific area. Another popular drag screamer available here is inshore shark fishing. You can also get some migratory species in here such as spanish mackerel, as well as many others.

Top Species in Dunedin

We offer targeting for Florida’s famous inshore species, these include:

  • Redfish
  • Snook
  • Tarpon
  • Sea Trout
  • Black Drum
  • Cobia